Channel Islands celebrate equality with first Pride Parade

   All photos on this page taken by me but copyright  On Saturday thousands of people arrived in St Helier’s West Centre, gathering around the bronze cow statues to mark the start of the island’s first Pride Parade. A riot of colour, laughter and music, the event saw more than 3,000 people parade through the streets of St Helier,… Read more →


The Numskulls from the Beano parody Disney’s Inside Out in latest strip

“What kind of idiot lets their emotions control them?” quips one of the Numskulls resident inside Edd’s head. The reply? “Americans!”. First published in the Beezer in 1962, the Malcolm Judge creation has come back into the public sphere as a result of new Pixar movie, Inside Out. Where Inside Out is a very American tale of creatures in the… Read more →