BREAKING: Clarkson to join One Direction

LONDON (25/03/2015): FORMER Top Gear host, Jeremy Clarkson has confirmed he will be joining boy band One Direction effective immediately. Clarkson will replace Zayn Malik who announced he was leaving the band on Wednesday. He will join them for the rest of their world tour and will play drums on their upcoming fifth album. The motormouth was told his contract… Read more →


TED explains the periodic table in interactive guide

There are a few icons of design that have stood the test of time for generations. The London Underground map, British road signs and symbols and of course the big Daddy of them all, the periodic table. Not only is it a beautiful design, it is also an incredible tool of both education and science. TED, the people behind the… Read more →


Shortcode to embed BBC Programme clips

The BBC has a lot of audio and video content on its website. Unfortunately very little of it is available to embed. Radio programmes have the most embeddable content and BBC News seems to have the least. The easiest way to embed when using WordPress is through a shortcode. There are codes for YouTube,, TED and more. There are… Read more →

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BBC News website to go responsive from Monday

The BBC News website has been around since the last millennium and has evolved a lot in that time – from a narrow 600px wide website for smaller CRT displayers, to the new responsive design. The new site has been built, like most modern websites (including this one), to scale up from mobile through tablet and on to desktop. What’s… Read more →

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The Clangers explain how a solar eclipse works in new Cbeebies trailer

Bebop goes the swanny whistle as the little pink knitted create ambles across the cardboard planet. The Clangers are returning to the BBC this year and to mark the total solar eclipse they have made a video explaining what it is and why special glasses are needed. I was going to write a post explaining how to make a pinhole… Read more →


Youth Assembly debates available to listen again

You can now listen back to the five debates from the Youth Assembly. Two of the five were ‘adopted’ after a series of interesting and challenging debates. Ben Jehan, one of the teenagers behind the De La Salle call for direct democracy said the aim was “to get people thinking and debating”. Amy Vatcher from Jersey College for Girls, who… Read more →


St Brelade kerbside recycling introduced after vote by 39 people

There were¬†46 people at a parish meeting in St Brelade on Wednesday to decide whether to introduce kerbside recycling. This is going to include a fairly sizeable monthly collection cost, the need for residents to find space for the bins and the time separating the rubbish. On the night 39 voted in favour and seven against. That means it took… Read more →


Youth debate issues in mock States Assembly

The Jersey Youth Assembly is sitting today. Students from the five six forms will question ministers including 15 minutes with Ian Gorst without notice. The propositions being proposed are also – interesting. They include calls for blasphemy laws, tougher immigration control, written consent for sexual intercourse, welcoming asylum seekers and a call to disband the States Assembly. I think this… Read more →