Former Top Gear trio Clarkson, Hammond and May sign with Amazon

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May and former Top Gear producer Andy Wilman have signed a new deal to produce a car show for Amazon Prime in 2016. Amazon have confirmed they have signed the lads up for a minimum of three series. It’s time for me to officially eat crow as I’ve said several times in the past the… Read more →


The Numskulls from the Beano parody Disney’s Inside Out in latest strip

“What kind of idiot lets their emotions control them?” quips one of the Numskulls resident inside Edd’s head. The reply? “Americans!”. First published in the Beezer in 1962, the Malcolm Judge creation has come back into the public sphere as a result of new Pixar movie, Inside Out. Where Inside Out is a very American tale of creatures in the… Read more →

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The art of the epic friendly URL

  Recently the Next Web wrote an article about movie studios asking Google to remove pirated content from search results – except a large proportion of the content they want de-listed was on the studios own servers (localhost and 127.0.0). This is belly achingly funny and clearly Owen Williams, who wrote the article for TNW thought so too as the friendly… Read more →


Social Media overload thanks to the rise of the fan-frenzy

  Recently two bands, favourites of the teen girl audience, performed in Jersey, Channel Islands and like most music festivals on island, I rocked up with camera and microphone. As usual I took photos of the bands on stage, then moved backstage to interview them. One slight change was that I’m now filming my interview on my iPhone and using… Read more →


Island Games: A week of sporting passion

The NatWest Island Games finished a week ago but the memories are still vivid. Thousands of athletes and competitors descended on the island giving it the busiest tourism weekend in decades. Hotels were full, restaurants and cafes booked out and the streets packed with people shopping, walking, exploring and window shopping.    There were 900 individual sports events and all… Read more →


First Doctor Who season 9 trailer released

  Time to squ-eeee as the first teaser trailer for the next series of Doctor Who is released by the BBC including Missy as the Master, the return of the Daleks and the first look at Maisie Williams character. My theory is she will be playing the role originated by Georgia Moffett in The Doctors Daughter – Jenny, the Doctors… Read more →


Big Gig Jersey: The rockiest pop festival 

  Five minute drum solos, backwards guitar playing, moshing, jumping into the crowd, rapid fire guitar licks – all the makings of any good rock show. But this wasn’t a rock show, it was Big Gig in the Park, the pick of the pop festivals in Jersey. The day started with a string of brilliantly talented young Jersey singers, moving on… Read more →


A time to #experienceJersey with the Island Games

The NatWest Island Games starts on Saturday, it’s a multi-sport event and is the first time it has been held in Jersey since 1997. It will see thousands of people come to Jersey, including nearly 3,000 athletes, hundreds of media and thousands of supporters, coaches and family. The island’s tourism body, Visit Jersey, is hoping to make the most of… Read more →