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My favourite podcast list and the OPML file

I am a huge fan of podcasting and have been listening to podcasts in various forms for as long as I can remember (although sometimes I struggle to remember last week – so that’s not saying much). Over the years I’ve added podcasts, taken away podcasts, run my own podcasts and got angry with podcasts. I have a roughly consistent… Read more →


Global content standard needed for text and media sharing

Facebook and Google seem to be in the midst of a battle to attract the best content producers to their platform. Snapchat has launched channels attracting major players and I’m sure others are soon to follow. The problem with this scatter gun approach is that we will end up with dozens of content production systems hoping to attract the best… Read more →

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For the love the BBC as papers declare battle

  The first all Conservative UK cabinet since 1997 saw a man who described the licence fee as a poll-tax appointed culture secretary. He will lead the discussions and debates as the BBC prepares for the next charter renewal – hoping for a licence fee rise and probably expecting not only a cut but de-criminilisation. As part of the battle,… Read more →


English and sport winding up the world

I am not a confident person, I am very shy and struggle in social situations, especially around new people. This doesn’t work well in the two careers I’ve had since leaving school – graphic design and journalism. Both require a strong open and outgoing personality. To get around the problem of crippling shyness and a need to be out going… Read more →


Ex-Top Gear trio take on Paris in latest roadtrip

Top Gear is changing, in the not too distant future there will be a new show on the BBC with the name Top Gear, but it won’t resemble the tried and tested show, featuring three middle-aged men bumbling about it broken vehicles we’ve come to love. It will be something new, something fresh, something different – but it will still… Read more →

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BBC Worldwide websites being opened to the UK

The BBC website was once a massive beast with many tentacles, but over the past few years it has been gradually reduced and restructured to focus on specific areas of interest. The focus is on channels and categories like Arts, Earth, Nature, News, Sport and Weather. I reported recently on the new look BBC Homepage that will focus on showing… Read more →


TV problems for social housing flats

As reported widely in the Jersey media, the new LTE mobile network is causing problems for some Freeview viewers. Basically 4G (Long Term Evolution – LTE) operates on a couple of different spectrum bands including the 800Mhz band, which is very close to the band some Freeview channels operate on – including the BBC channels. It is an easy fix,… Read more →


A moment of meta whimsy over information freedom

As part of my job as a BBC journalist I regularly have to ask press officers for more information. Recently I wanted to know more about the Freedom of Information Act (first enacted in Jersey in January). I emailed the government press office, they gave me some information but suggested an FOI request to get the rest. Basically an FOI… Read more →


JT accused of ‘dragging feet’ over home phone market

Sure the incumbent telecom operator in Guernsey has accused Jersey’s government owned carrier, JT Global, of anti-competitive practices over the transfer of islanders landlines between the two companies. The landline market is open to competition from the beginning of June, after a number of attempts to introduce it by regulator CICRA, including a legal battle by JT. Sure says it already… Read more →