Everyone knows my birthday now…

Front page of Google presented to me on my Birthday.
Front page of Google presented to me on my Birthday.

In the past, as an adult, I would wake up on the morning of my birthday to a “happy birthday” from my wife and children, a call from my parents and a few presents.

I may get a card from aunties and uncles and a few close friends and people at work would say “happy birthday” in passing.

Now, with every site I register for asking for my email address and with Facebook knowing everything about me, I get messages from everyone.

On top of that I also get emails from companies I have registered with offering me all sorts of special ‘offers’ from a bottle of wine with a meal to a subscription to the New York Times.

The thing that struct me the most today was the Google Doodle.

I have G+ and so they have my date of birth, they used this information to present me with a Happy Birthday Doodle on the Google front page that linked to my G+ profile.

Nice touch Google, nice touch.




COVER PHOTO by Kevin Dooley (Creative Commons).

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