TV problems for social housing flats

7522317936_7bcca19f87_oAs reported widely in the Jersey media, the new LTE mobile network is causing problems for some Freeview viewers.

Basically 4G (Long Term Evolution – LTE) operates on a couple of different spectrum bands including the 800Mhz band, which is very close to the band some Freeview channels operate on – including the BBC channels.

It is an easy fix, just get a £10 filter and attach it to your aerial – but that isn’t as easy if you live in a communal building where the aerial is managed by a third party.

That is the case for hundreds of families living in social housing properties in Jersey. The contract for providing television sits with HomeNet (also known as Newtel or YTel depending on which month it is).

CEO Gary Whipp said he had been given no notice there might be a problem.

He said: “It is a big problem caused by 4G we had no notification from anyone this would happen and are sorting as quickly as possible.

“Sorry again but not down to us if anyone had told us we could have preempted the situation.”

His response does raise the question ‘how could the CEO of a technology company not know that the 800Mhz band clashes with Freeview’ but that aside – at least he is offering a solution.

For home customers the three mobile operators in Jersey, JT, Sure and Airtel-Vodafone have contributed to a fund to provide the filters.

They are being installed by Fortuna who are offering advice and equipment.

They posted on Facebook: “Due to the Introduction of 4G some of you may be experiencing issues with some of your Freeview Stations.

“Dont Panic we can help free of Charge courtesy of JT,Airtel Vodafone and Sure. Give us a call on 732549 (opt 4) or email to find out more. Terms and Contditions apply.”

If you live in social housing in Jersey and have television problems, Gary Whipp is the man to speak to at HomeNet.

He advises people to email him ( with their details and he will arrange to fix it.


Cover photo by Tim Walker

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