You’ve been transported to a strange world. All that’s in the world is a seemingly endless stone path floating in the sky. Keep running and see if you ever get to an ending. Oh and collect some crystals to score a point.

You can download the app for multiple platforms and play online. Find out more...


Play PongD for free online

We've created a very simple clone of Pong that you can play in your web browser or download and play on Mac, Windows or Linux.


A tool for journalists

Go into the places only locals are familiar with. Visit little known hideouts and avenues that open the mind into what being a local is all about.


A tool to speak on your behalf

Lost your voice? Well now there is an app that will speak your words out loud using the Siri voice on your iPhone including default phrases.

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Meet the egoDev team

egoDev is the brainchild of Ryan Morrison, a journalist, coder and graphic designer who works with his wife and children.


WarpOn a space game for iPhone

We created a beautifully simple space game for iPhone where the goal is to destroy the asteroids before they reach planet Earth.


Contact us about apps or our work

It does what it says on the tin. It's a simple contact form and a list of other ways you can get in touch with us for information.

Design & Development

We can help you design and develop your app or website or even both. Just get in touch with us by email sales@upyourego.com and let us know what you need doing and we will give you a quick quote.

Big or small we can do anything from designing a flyer to promote your new event to building a fully functional app for your business.

Social Media & Marketing

We can help promote your website, charity, company, group or product on social media platforms or in traditional media by crafting press releases or helping with copywriting.

We can even manage your social media presence for you including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Instagram and others.

Free Images

A selection of public domain Creative Commons Zero images that you can use in your own projects, apps, sites or designs without the need to attribute or link back. Although we'd love to know where you've used them.

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