What is egoDev?

My name is Ryan Morrison and for years I went by the online moniker – UpYourEgo – I can’t remember why but it was something to do with Freud.

Skip forward a few decades and I needed a name for my new mobile development company and for some reason all I could think of was egoDev after my wife said I couldn’t just call it UpYourEgo.

The idea is one day I’d have egoDesign, egoGames, egoMedia etc. For now though it’s just a smushing together of my online name and what I’m doing.

However the company is about more than just writing code and creating apps. It’s a family businesses involving my wife and children who all bring their own special skills to the table.

We run Facebook Groups, have brands, manage social media identities, create apps, design 3D models and textures, moderate forums, build websites, create branding and artworks – and yes build mobile apps.

So whether it’s a flyer you want for an upcoming event (£25 for a a basic one page design with two changes) or a full blown mobile app for your business or group – we can provide.

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